Monday, November 9

I'll tell you what

I had plans tonight, plans to do "grown-up" homework. My homework included:
  • find a doctor and set up my health insurance online account;
  • enroll in the autopay programs for my student loans and electric bills;
  • change my address with Edward Jones and the credit card people;
  • find a driver's facility nearby so I know where to go after studying for my Indiana driving test; and
  • e-mail friends and family about my work schedule so we can schedule a visit.
Also on my list were some "not-so-grown-up" to-dos. They included:
  • find music (cough) and
  • restart my Netflix delivery.
What did I end up doing? Completely "not-so-grown-up" shit that wasn't even on my pink Post-It. Fuck! That shit included:
  • catching up on my daily Web comics,
  • updating this blog,
  • listening to heads (Talking Heads and Radiohead),
  • washing the dog,
  • ripping my comforter apart so I can requilt it and
  • this:
I keep finding baby socks in my laundry. Tonight I found a man sock AND a baby sock. I put the baby sock with the other two I've found. I gave the man sock to my dog to chew on.


I suck at being mature.

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