Tuesday, November 3

Being "Ms. C"

Would you like to know why you haven’t heard from me in a while? Good, I’d like to tell you.

To pass the time, and make up for my lack of job, I’ve been subbing.

That’s right. Some of you know me pretty well. You might be thinking, “That’s weird, I’m sure I’ve heard Christian declare her disdain for kids and that she will never have them.” Well, you, friends, are not wrong. But, let this be an insight to what a great employee I am and how hard I work regardless of how I feel about a job: Those kids love me. And really, I’ve started to actually like some of them. I’ve stayed in the lower grades (which is fine, because I’m still taller than them). I even pat them to sleep when they’re being whiny and sad. And (this is my favorite part) sometimes we make glitter princess crowns. Then, I call them “Princess insert name here” all day.
HA. See? Take that,
MORE reasons to hire me.
  • I can adapt.
  • You will never know if I don’t actually want to be doing a job.
  • And!!!! I can make princess crowns. : )

all great qualities in a potential employee, I think.

I'd appreciate you not complaining to me about your job until I have a job to complain about

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Jamie said...

Can we hear about the spanking train?