Thursday, July 28

It IS soul-sucking

Recently, NPR did a story about what the actors playing vampires and wizards will do now that their successful movie franchises are over. The story was fine, I guess. I don't care to waste time pondering the fate of wildly rich 20-somethings who might never have to work another day in their lives, but if that's your thing then I won't stop you.

What I really, REALLY liked was the photo caption that accompanied the photo that accompanied the story. Such a tiny thing, probably overlooked by many. Never fear little cutline, I'm here to drag you into the burning light of day.

What's Next? Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe, left) and Hermione Granger (Emma Watson) will soon discover that finding Horcruxes isn't half as demanding or soul-sucking as finding a job.

I love it. Nerdy and truthy.

Friday, July 22

Self-appraisal. Verdict? Fuck you.

Date: July 21, 2011
Position Title: Copy editor/page designer

1. Position Description
a. What are your main job responsibilities?
Designing pages, which includes writing headlines, deckheads and lead-ins to cutlines.

b. Which job responsibilities do you view as most important? Why?
Meeting deadline because missing one throws things off down the line. Writing strong, accurate headlines because they catch the reader’s attention.

c. Have any new responsibilities been added or removed from your job this year? If so, what?
I’ve filled in as weekend editor more.

2. Accomplishments and Strengths
a. List your most significant accomplishments or contributions during the past year. How do these achievements align with the goals/objectives outlined in your last review?
None. Perfectly because I didn’t list any goals/objectives in the last review.

b. Since your last review, have you performed any new tasks or additional duties outside the scope of your regular responsibilities? If so, please specify.
How is this different from question 1.c? I’ve filled in as weekend editor more.

c. To which of the following factors would you attribute your professional development since last year: off-site seminars/classes, on-site training, peer training, on-the-job experience, better exposure to challenging projects, other. Please describe.
None. I don’t think I’ve developed any further professionally.

3. Areas for Attention and Future Improvement
a. What are your goals for next year and what action will you take to accomplish these goals?

4. Career Interests
a. What are your career interests/objectives?
I’d like to be a presentation editor or chief copy editor at some point in the future.

b. What type of assignment/position would you like next?
Not sure.

c. Are you willing to relocate? Yes