Tuesday, October 6


I just interviewed for a job at a magazine publisher owned by the dream job (which was at a newspaper.)

Enter: New dream job.

I am interested in the subject matter, would have longer deadlines and get to work with a woman who could very well be my long lost twin. She went to the same college, got the same degree and even freelanced for the same person I do now. Whoa.

As far as interviews go, I think this was the most comfortable one I've ever been in. I called my mom when I was done, and she asked if I had just got out, with a touch of surprise in her voice. I looked at the clock. I had been in there an hour and a half. It did not feel like more than half an hour. My interviewer and would be editor told me things that you always wonder in interviews, but can never ask. Like, "Does the health care suck?" Or. "Do the advertisers make you write things?" I even told her all I had in my tiny purse were keys, because the purse I usually use is much less professional.

Hey, she brought it up.

We laughed and joked. And I know I would enjoy working with her, and writing for several different magazines. It is my dream first job.

It is so perfect I want to dance right now. Or run 3 miles. Or something. Mostly because she told me I have a good shot at it. Which is awesome. So awesome, I can only speak in short bursts.

She told me she would let me know by Oct. 23. Anyone got a remote with a fast forward button that works on time? Nevermind. That made me think of the movie "Click." I'd rather not live in fast forward like Adam Sandler.

So here's to some more waiting anxiously.

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