Thursday, October 8

At work, we have to write deckheads (those smaller "second headlines") and photo caption teasers. Deckheads I can handle, more or less. The caption teasers, however ... ohhh. Those are nightmarish, but tonight I had a thought: song lyrics and/or titles. This brainwave came to me while I was listening to the Foo Fighters after a particularly sports-heavy day at work. Today, a horrible posed photo (that ran as semi-main art) of girls clinging to a trophy needed a teaser. Shudder. I think the one I ended up giving it was "TROPHY WINNERS." What I might give a similar photo in the future is this line: "TROPHIES EARNED AND LESSONS LEARNED." No one will know, and I'll get to giggle myself to the bank. (You may call me "Your Genius.")

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